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New Evangelization Summit in Fargo

Please take note of the following from the Diocese of Fargo:


Have you heard about the New Evangelization Summit?  It’s going to be fantastic and I hope you can come!

April 24/25, 2015 at Shanley High School  in FARGO.


Here is a brief introductory video about the Summit:

And here is the website for more information and to register: (ca is the ending because it’s organized out of Canada)



1.   Michael Dopp – The Call to the New Evangelization

2.   Scott Hahn – Evangelizing Catholics: The Eucharist and the New Evangelization

3.   Ken Yasinski – Living With An Eternal Perspective

4.   JoEllen Gregus – Testimony: Light of the World

5.   Ralph Martin – The New Evangelization: Why Bother?

6.   Angele Sweeney – Testimony:  His Masterpiece Restored

7.   Fr. Michael Gaitley – Now is the Time for Mercy

8.   Fr. Simon Lobo – Testimony: The Holy Spirit – Agent of the New Evangelization

9.   Fr. James Mallon – Divine Renovation

10. Patrick Coffin –  The Medium and The Message

11. Michael Dopp –  For the Love of God


Please feel free to forward this information to other interested folks.  Thanks and I hope to see you there!

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