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Reflection on the Recitation of the Most Holy Rosary for Families

Msgr. Charles Mangan has requested that we share this reflection on the Rosary for Families with you.  He suggested that it may be a great resource for parishes and families alike.  The following comes directly from Msgr. Mangan.


From the Office of the Marian Apostolate:

Here is a reflection on the recitation of the Most Holy Rosary as a strengthening for family life.

The Value of the Recitation of the Most Holy Rosary for Families

The family benefits immeasurably when it recites together the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Almighty God is praised, Our Lady is venerated, the needs of the family are presented and the members of the family prayerfully experience the bond of charity that unites them.

By praying the Rosary the family comes to know who the Ever-Virgin is and her mission as well as why the family should recite the Rosary.

Our Lady’s Person and Mission

Chosen by God. The Lord Himself selected Mary to become the Mother of God. When the Almighty “predestined” the Son of God to become man, He chose Mary of Nazareth to be His Mother.

Mother of God. During the Church’s Third General Council held in AD 431 at Ephesus, the Church solemnly declared Mary to be the Theotokos (“Mother of God”). The Second Person (Jesus Christ) of the Most Blessed Trinity became man when He was conceived by the Holy Spirit in Our Lady’s virginal womb.

Queen of the Angels. Although Mary did not bring forth the angels from her womb as she did Jesus, she cooperated with Jesus in giving grace to souls. The Angels were aided by her participation in God’s work.

Mother of Human Beings. Our Lady is our mother in the “order of grace” because she has communicated to us the grace that makes us holy sons and daughters of God the Father, brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ the Son of the Father, temples of the Holy Spirit, and sons and daughters of Mary.

Intimate Participant on Calvary with Christ in His Sacrifice and Mediatrix. Our Lady cooperated with Jesus as He sacrificed Himself to His Beloved Father for us! Mary lovingly consented to her Son’s Death. The Church honors her as the Co-Redemptrix because she took part with Jesus in our Redemption, and as the Mediatrix because it is through her, now in Heaven, that grace comes to us.

Sinless Disciple of the Lord. The dogma of the Immaculate Conception maintains that Mary never contracted Original Sin. Furthermore, she never committed any “actual” sins, whether mortal or venial. She was exempt from concupiscence (“the tendency to sin”) and the slightest moral imperfection or willful transgression of God’s law.

Perpetual Virgin. The Church has taught for centuries that Mary was a virgin before, during and after the Birth of the Savior. Both Sacred Scripture (Isaiah 7:14) and the Apostolic Tradition express this unchangeable truth. Our Lady is the only woman venerated as both “Virgin” and “Mother.”

Wife of Saint Joseph. Mary and Joseph were really married in the sight of God. That Mary and Joseph never participated in the marital embrace does not mean that their union was invalid. They freely renounced the exercise of this right.

Daughter of the Father and Temple of the Holy Spirit. As the Mother of the Redeemer, Mary is the Mother of Jesus, the Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity. She is the Daughter of the Father Who created her from nothing and the Temple of the Holy Spirit Who sanctified her by filling her with His life.

Heart Pure and Immaculate. In her Heart, Mary sought after and served God, even unto her total surrender on Calvary. She has a pure and sinless Heart that always preferred God and His Will.

Assumed into Heaven and Crowned. On November 1, 1950, Venerable Pius XII defined that the Blessed Virgin Mary, upon the completion of her earthly existence, was assumed body and soul by the Almighty into Paradise. Crowned as Queen of Heaven and earth, Our Lady prays for us near her Divine Son.

Mother of the Church. Blessed Paul VI (1963-1978), on November 21, 1964 in his concluding address to the Bishops gathered in Saint Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City at the third session of the Second Vatican Council, declared: “. . for the glory of the Blessed Virgin and our consolation, we declare most holy Mary Mother of the Church, that is of the whole Christian people, both faithful and pastors, who call her a most loving Mother.”

Why Should the Family Pray the Holy Rosary?

By way of the Holy Rosary, the family adores God the Father, Who constantly extends His unfathomable mercy; the Son, Who lives in Sacred Scripture and the Church’s Apostolic Tradition and is present in a most unique way in the Most Blessed Sacrament; the Holy Spirit, Who transmits the important truth of how to embrace good fully and avoid evil.

Through the recitation of the Most Holy Rosary, the family answers the urgent summons of Our Lady of Fatima who, during 1917, appeared to Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, encouraging them to pray the Rosary daily for “the end of the War” (World War I). Today, there are plenty of other wars as well as the cause to protect human life that elicits earnest prayers. The family’s prayer list never ends. Our Blessed Mother uses the prayers of the family for much good.

Indeed, the Rosary helps the family to pray for all the intentions lodged deep in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Pure Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Furthermore, the Holy Rosary unites the family to all the holy men and women, boys and girls who are reciting (and who have recited) this prayer that Blessed John Paul II hailed as his “favorite.”

Imagine the Poor Souls in Purgatory who look to the family for help as they continue onward to the Everlasting Kingdom.

Imagine the Saints in Heaven who have achieved their goal of perfect union with Jesus in Paradise and who attentively await the family’s arrival.

Imagine the Faithful here on earth who are convinced of the intercessory power of Our Blessed Lady and recognize her God-given ability to change hearts and minds.

The Rosary helps the family to remember always its strong solidarity especially with all the Christians in Heaven, Purgatory and on earth who have recourse to the Madonna through the recitation of her Rosary.

The Most Holy Rosary is an inestimable treasure for the family. May the family understand it better and pray it more!

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